Our Company

1. What makes AA Tex-Lawn different from other landscape companies?
Since 1980, we have strived to be industry leaders in our systems and technology implementation to ensure the little things do matter. We place a Customer Care Advocate with each customer to make sure the high expectations of our customer and AA Tex-Lawn are being met. Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship.

2. Is AA Tex-Lawn a full-service company?
Yes, we can handle all of your landscape needs. See our Landscape Management page for more information on our commercial/HOA services, Residential Services page for more information on our seven step lawn treatment process, or our Design/Build page for more information on our landscape design and install services.

3. How do I get an estimate?
You can contact us via email or call our office to set up an appointment at 704-821-0708.

4. What does maintenance include?
We can custom tailor our services to your needs and budget.

5. What is the best way to communicate with AA Tex Lawn?
All of our customers have our cell phone numbers and email addresses. You can reach our office staff by calling our main number between 6:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday – Friday, or leave a message after normal business hours.

6.  How are your work crews supervised? 
All of our crews have bilingual, trained supervisors who wear darker colored blue shirts. We have area leaders in close proximity to our crews to provide training, support and quality control. If you need assistance while we are on-site, it is best to contact our office at 704-821-0708. We can get in touch with any of our crews while on-site.

Our Services

7. Will you have a set day to mow my property?
Our goal is to mow your property each week on the same day. Our schedule is, however, contingent on weather, workload and seasonal activities. If you have a preference, we will make every effort to work around your needs.

8. Will I have the same people on my site every service visit?
Yes, the same people each week ensure accountability, responsibility and knowledge of your property.

9. Will my service be delayed if it rains?
We schedule Monday – Thursday, which leaves an extra day open in case of delays. Our goal is to service every property, every week.

10. How do drought conditions affect service?
We still service your property every week. Turf areas will be cut on an as-needed basis during periods of drought to prevent turf stress.

11. Do you monitor my irrigation system?
Yes, all of our area leaders monitor irrigation schedules. We have irrigation repair technicians on staff to handle all of your repair issues.

12. When are my flowers changed out?
We change out flowers in May and October.

13. When can my children or pets go in the grass after treatments to my lawn?
This depends on the type of treatment. With granular applications of fertilizer/pre-emergent, your lawn is immediately available for entry. With spray applications, as soon as your turf is dry (or 24 hours, whichever is sooner), it is safe for entry.

14. When are your holidays and will it affect my service?
Our crews are off on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years Day. We may change your regular day of service to accommodate the holiday.